My competition results:

2008 -

> 22nd WC Puurs
> 26th WC Imst
> 4th in the Youth World Championships in Sydney
> 9th in the Serre Chevalier international event
> 1st in the Serre Chevalier youth (male junior)
> 3rd in the European Youth Cup in Wuppertal
> 28th at the World Cup in Chamonix
> 3rd at the VertikTrip International Open
> 1st at the Belgian Junior Nationals
> 1st in all the Belgian Junior Cups

2007 -

> 1st at the Belgian Adult Bouldering National Cup
> 10th in the IFSC European Youth Series in Kranj, Slovenia
> 23rd at the IFSC World Cup in Kranj, Slovenia (after disqualification)
> 20th at the IFSC World Cup in Valence, France
> 22nd at the IFSC World Cup in Puurs, Belgium
> 38th at the IFSC World Championships in Aviles, Spain
> 26th at the IFSC World Cup in Zurich, Switzerland
> 2nd at the SCS Difficulty Nationals (USA)
> 8th at the ABS Bouldering Nationals (USA)

2006 -

> 3rd at the USAC Junior Nationals
> 1st at the Midnight Burn Open Bouldering Event
> 12th at the ABS Bouldering Nationals

2005 and before -

> 2nd, 2004 USAC Nationals (difficulty)
> 1st, 2004 USAC Junior Nationals (speed)
> 1st, 2002 Touchstone Youth International Invitational