Climbing Background

Name:                 Gabor Szekely
Birth Date: April 3, 1990
Current Location: Boulder, Colorado
School: University of Colorado in Boulder
Started Climbing: 1999
Other interests: Routesetting, music, skateboarding,

My name is Gabor Szekely and I am an 18 year old climber from Maryland, USA. Although I am Hungarian, I only lived there for three years and have spent most of my life in the US. I started climbing about eight years ago as an after-school activity in a small gym in Hungary.. not the best place for climbing! After I moved to the US in 2001, I joined the junior-team in my gym and was coached by Claudiu Vidulescu until I was 14 years old. Since then I have mostly been training on my own, more or less just climbing for fun and trying hard routes with my friends. Rock climbing has always been my main motivation, moreso then competitions, so most of my free time is spent out on the rock, climbing new and amazing routes! This past year I moved to Europe and have been almost exclusively just climbing, which has been quite an adventure. I am currently climbing in Spain until January, then I will move back to the US to start school at the University of Colorado in Boulder.