La Ultima Reistencia

...my main goal, my persuit, my reason for training. To be able to climb longer, harder, pumpier routes then ever before. La ultima resistencia. I want to break personal barriers and achieve the things Ive been dreaming about since moving to Europe.

This past weeks training has been one of the hardest Ive ever done. Ever day climbing hard routes, laps, weight training, high intensity bouldering, running, etc. I have been climbing a lot on this wall - The wall that hosted a world cup a few months ago. The routes in there are amazing, truely a unique gym experience that you wont find in most other gyms. Even though its been cold and rainy, I still try to climb there at least 2 times a week. It is filled with hard, challenging routes from 7a to 8c+, so it will be a while before I can say Ive ran out of routes to try.

But at the same time, this whole gym deal is getting pretty boring. I really just want to be on rock, trying new routes, getting inspired. I want to be here...