Livin the Belgian Life

Lqtely its been cold, rainy, and overall unmotivating here in Belgium. As Biggie would say, "another day another struggle". But the daydreams of warm, overhanging Spanish limestone rock keeps me going, living the everyday life and trying to keep up with the training schedule. I havent been climbing a lot lately, focusing more on learning French and trying to stay away from the bad habits.. chocolate, waffles, "Belgian Fries", etc etc. I cant say Ive done the best job but what can I do, sometimes its good to not be too strict and keep it mellow.

Training in the gym has been pretty boring, most of my friends have already left for Spain so I train alone, making up circuits and lapping routes for the thousandth time. In a few days there will be a comp here, it will be pretty mellow but a lot of strong climbers will be here. The Belgian crew, some crazy strong Spaniards, and perhaps Daniel and Laura will come over as well. Should be a good crew and more of a fun comp then serious. The format will be redpoint, we each get 10 minutes to work a route and a boulder, then in the afternoon we have one try to do the route and 5 min for the boulder. Im not really expecting any outstanding results, seeing as Im not really in outstanding shape, but either way it should be a fun time.

Other then that, I went climbing outside a few times to the local crag Freyr. One of the most old school and technical crags in Europe, climbing there is a unique experience for any grade level. Massive 70 meter slabs, runouts, and slippery rock make up the climbing, and to top it off every route is massively sandbagged. Ive been working two 8b+s and both feel way harder then anything I have ever climbed before.. if I ever end up doing either of them, I will be very very satisfied.

In March I am planning on going to Spain for maybe three weeks, then in May to France for a few weeks as well. Thats what Im looking forward to, my motivation, care-free tufa climbing under the hot mediterrian sun.