So after getting back from Spain, Ive spent the past two days trying to figure out my plans for the upcoming year. Heres what Ive came up with so far:

Next Thursday I go to Nice for two weeks, then May 14th I will go to the US for around 10 days. My plans are to attend the New River Rendezvous and then fly to Colorado to check out CU and maybe take a short trip to Rifle after.

When I get back I plan on going to Spain to meet up with some friends and go climbing. Ill stay until it gets really hot and then after, Im not sure where exactly I want to go. All I know is that I want to spend at least one month in Nice as well.

In the fall, going back to Spain!

So if anyones around in Europe this summer, let me know and maybe we can make plans to go climbing. Im pretty much down for anywhere as long as its not too far of a drive from Spain/France/Belgium