Spain Update #3

Another day on Essencia 8c+, another day of one falling it a muerte.. its becoming quite an epic for me, but as long as I persist it will fall at some point, hopefully.. eventually. Oh and also two days ago I turned 18, a nice night out at the Kalandraka bar was the celebration. Now that Im an adult its time to get serious and finish up the project!

Other then that we drove to Rodellar yesterday and I climbed two more 8c's that day, Welcome to Tijuana and The Hulk. The Hulk is more like 8b+ but since I climbed it with the rope and had to clip, it definately made it a lot harder, so I just left it at 8c. Most people just climb it without a rope because its like 15 feet off the ground, but since its a roof I didnt want to take a bad fall.

So tomorrow, back to my project. Wish me luck!