I hate you Mother Nature..

For the past few weeks a horrible disease has been going around here in Boulder and inevitably I, along with many others, caught it last week. I was supposed to go climbing in the Fortress last weekend to try the famous "Kryptonite", 9a, but on Friday night I started feeling so bad that I had to bail and stay home. It turned out to be a good decision not to go since I wasn't even able to get out of bed all weekend! Today is the first day so far that I feel relatively better, not recovered or anything but at least I was able to make it to some of my classes and eat something..

So before the sickness came, I spent two days in Clear Creek Canyon trying to finish up Dark Waters, my project from the week before. On my second day on the boulder I linked it though to the big rail but was too tired to do the powerful outro moves so I decided to save it for next time. Next time I ended up making it all the way to the finish move only to fumble it and miss the finish jug! I knew this would happen since the move is by no means easy or high percentage, but I was kind of hoping I would get lucky and stick it first shot, but oh well, Im not the first one to fall on this move! Most of the people that have done this boulder have fallen here at least once, so I wasn't too worried about it.. At that point it should go within the next few tries, right?

- The finish move.. Dark Waters 8B -

Well it seems like for some reason, ever since my Spain trip, mother nature has been actively working on preventing me in any way possible from completing my projects! Lets start with Spain - first the hold break in Santa Linya, then the rain, and now the sickness right before I send. I don't know what's up with all this bad luck I've been having, but its really getting annoying. As of now I will probably have to wait at least a week or two before I feel good enough to start trying Dark Waters again, assuming my sickness will subside in the near future. When I do get back on it I wont waste any time or effort, I will focus all my energy into completing the boulder as fast as possible before mother nature can once again thwart me in some way or another! Bring it bitch!

Oh and in the following days I will post a follow-up about this years ABS nationals, more specifically my opinion about the routesetting, the organization, and the event in general and how I think it could be improved for the upcoming years.

But as for now, I will do my best to regain my health and slowly start climbing again and prepare to take down the DW!