Redpoint Nutrition

For the past three weeks I have been trying out a nutritional supplement called CRANK Forearm Fuel, a product which was specifically developed by Redpoint Nutrition to increase climbing and training performance. I knew that supplements could help my climbing, as many other top climbers take them, but I didn't know which ones to get and how useful they would really be. After using CRANK in a couple training sessions, I really started to notice a difference;

When training endurance, I could successfully complete more sets on my 13d and 14a training routes, and still have energy after to do some hard bouldering. When Im third day on and really exhausted before even getting to the climbing gym, taking CRANK definitely increases and in some cases even doubles my climbing performance that day. Also, since all the ingredients are approved by the World Anti-Doping Agency, I will not need to worry about failing any drug tests in competitions. I am really satisfied with this product overall, and will definitely continue taking it during my preparation for the last lead World Cup of the season in Slovenia, and the trips I have planned after to St. George and Spain.
I am also now part of Redpoint Nutrition's Athlete team, so I will be receiving and testing more of their products during my upcoming training sessions. I will update my blog some more with the results I find, and how/if the products are helping my training become more useful and efficient!