Off to Kranj

The time has come, the training is finished, and me and Paul are off to Slovenia! Game on! The past two weeks have been all about getting ready, preparing as much as possible to challenge ourselves against the world's best in the final lead event of the year. We are both feeling really strong, although its pretty impossible to tell how we're going to do. The physical shape is very important, but in the end it's the mental aspect that will decide if we make a mistake or give it our all and do as well as possible. This has always been one of my biggest problems in competitions, not messing up and giving it all I have, but this time will hopefully be the turning point!

In other news, my friend Andre Di Felice has moved in to Boulder and we are really syked to take down some hard boulders after the world cup! Yesterday Andre did the second ascent of an obscure V13 in Boulder Canyon, Authentic Battle Damage. This is a nice short compression bloc that requires a lot of heel/toe hooks and squeezing strength, my steez, so I will definitely be syked to get on it soon! My other goals for the winter/spring are to get on Circadian Rhythm V13 in Poudre Canyon, Echale V14 in Clear Creek Canyon, and finish up some others such as The Heist V12 in Eldo and Free Range V13 in Boulder Canyon.

More updates coming soon from Slovenia!!