St. George

Well not a lot has happened since we got back from Slovenia.. As I mentioned in my previous post, I got sick before the World Cup and couldn't really climb in the comp .. Well all the traveling really wore me down after that, and since then I have still felt kind of sick almost every day. Im sure you all know this, but being sick SUCKS .. you don't have the energy to do anything except lay around in bed, and even trying to climb is just depressing and makes oyu feel even worse. I have only been climbing once since I got back, and motivation is just way too low right now to go "training" in the gym. Instead, I have been playing an insane amount of online Poker and working on finishing my video from Kranj.. the qualifiers/semis should be coming out really soon and the finals should also be done by next week or so.

Also, today I will be leaving for St. George for Thanksgiving break. Before I was really syked to try The Re-Up, 9a, but considering my current condition and syke level I don't have any real expectations for the trip anymore.. Just going to have fun, enjoy the climbing, and not worry about what I do or don't send.