The Gladiator Competition

Photos Courtesy of Andy Mann. 

Last weekend, I competed in the final competition in the SBS Bouldering Series at the Spot gym. For the past few weeks I haven't seriously been training for anything and since the weather has been so bad, I havent spent much time climbing outside either. Since I am not in amazing shape right now, I entered the comp not expecting much. Luckily the qualifiers boulders were really my style, so I was able to qualify for finals in second place after Paul Robinson. Other finalists were Kyle Owen (finalists at last years World Cup in Vail), Adam Markert, Ryan Sewell, and Matt Wilder.

The finals was a creative and technical problem on the Fontainebleau boulder. It involved a few easier crimp moves followed by two hard cross and gaston moves, and finally a balancy section on a volume ending with a tricky dyno to a horn. The first competitor was not able to make it past the balancy part on the volume, however later the problem got its first send (and flash) by Ryan Sewell. After Ryan flashed the problem, I knew I also had to flash it in order to win. After Ryan, the next two competitiors were not able to complete the problem, so when it was my turn to go I instantly felt really nervous. I pulled on and climbed the bottom pretty easily, and when I got to the volume I luckily found the right positions and was able to get to the top on my first go. After my Paul also flashed the problem, so in the end three of us ended up flashing it. The results therefore went back to the qualifiers and I took second place behind Paul. Here are the final results:

1.) Paul Robinson
2.) Gabor Szekely
3.) Ryan Sewell
4.) Kyle Owen
5.) Adam Markert
6.) Matt Wilder

Overall, I am happy with my result and for the next week will prepare for the upcoming ABS Nationals in Virginia!