The Heist

Today was finally a nice sunny day here in Boulder, so instead of going to the gym again I went out to Eldorado Canyon with my friend Sticcs. Since we didnt want to make the hike to the Lost boulder, I decided to get on The Heist, a problem I almost did last year but never really finished up. This problem follows a line of cracks up a nice 45 degree wall, with a crimpy crux right at the end. In total it is around 16 moves long and clocks in at V12. After figuring out the moves again, I was able to climb it second go from the start after falling at the end on my first go. I am very syked to climb it so fast and definitely feel a lot stronger then I did when I tried it last year.

Next week I will be heading to Joes Valley for spring break, and will stay 9 days total. I am really syked to try The Masterpiece V13, Black Lung V13, and many other classics!