Hungary and other news..

This weekend I travelled to Hungary to compete in an open bouldering comp. It was OK, for having a really bad wall and old holds to use, I'd say the routesetter did a pretty good job. I kind of regret going though because this weekend was really nice weather, perfect for trying my projects. But since I promised the organizers few weeks ago so that I would come, I couldn't bail at the last moment.

The comp was pretty normal, 6 qualifiers and 6 finals, 5 minutes per boulder. After the qualifiers I was in first place, but in the finals I only climbed 5 out of the 6 boulders so I took second place behind my friend Balint. I haven't bouldered at all since my Hueco trip last December so I'm pretty syked on how I did, perhaps I could have done the last boulder (I fell grabbing the finish jug), but even so I wouldn't have won so it doesnt really matter.

I also visited my family and Hungarian friends while I was there which is always fun, so I cant say I had a bad time. The climbing scene in Hungary is pretty ghetto so I try to stay away from it as much as I can, but every once in a while its cool to go back and see how things are going.

In other news, last week I tied Edu and Michael Fuseliers highpoint on the VertikTrip mens finals route. (See my previous blog for info on the comp..) Woo Hoo! Since the weather has been so bad lately this is all I can do, project plastic testpieces in the gym. Hopefully everyone out there feels my pain..

I guess for now though, I am just trying to stay syked and persist for a few more weeks and then I'm off to Spain! Also, next weekend is the Belgian adult route climbing nationals which I am also competing in. From what I heard Nico Favresse will be coming, who btw is very very strong, so it will be cool to see how I match up against him and the other Belgians.