Routes I want to climb in 2008

A lot of people have been making them, so here it is. A list of routes I want to climb in 2008:

La Novena Puerta 8c/8c+
Ingravid Serps 8c
Rollito Sharma Extension 8c
Estado Critico 8c+/9a
Santa Linya 8b
Blomu 8c+
El Golpe 8c

Totalite 8c/8c+
Ultimate Sacrifice 8c+
Asai 8c
Last Soul Sacrifice 8c
Honk 8b+
Super Tango 8a+
Alien Carnage 8c+
Ultimate Doom 8b+
Les Maux de la Fin 8c
Mortal Kombat 8b
Biographie 8c
Bah Bah Black Sheep 8c


Shingen 8b
Shingen direct variation 8b+
Carabistouilles 8b+
The Chamonix Express Project - 8b+ or 8c?
Initerie Bis 8b
The King Line project - 8c, 8c+?
The black route in the gym 9a+

I will pretty much have the entire year, starting in April, to get these done. A Muerte!!!