Spain Tomorrow!

Ahh, SPAIN tomorrow!! Soo excited. I know Ive been posting way too much but I'm so syked I can't resist! Finally, the entire winter and spring training that I've been doing will be put to the test on the most perfect, immaculate Spanish rock there is.

Before I left for Font I climbed with Michael Fuselier in the gym. He was in the area so he decided to check in and do some climbing. I had a project - the black route. Really hard, it starts with a boulder in the bottom, some consistant hard climbing, going straight into another really hard boulder. After this you get a rest and it is maybe 8a+ to the top. Overall the route is probably a hard 8c. Michael just returned from a one month trip to Hampi and so his power was up to its max. He warmed up up and tried the black route - 6 tries later, he sent. This got me really inspired and at complete random, four tries later I was also up at the top of the wall. Im not sure how or why but that go, the route felt really easy and I climbed it very controlled. The syke was very high I guess! But also I feel like my training has really been paying off so Im very syked to see what I can do in Spain.. we'll see in a few days!

Anyway my next update will be from there. As Joe wold say, JYYEEAHHH!!