Spain Update 1

Well Ive been in Spain for 4 days now. Originially we were planning on climbing in Santa Linya, but Future and Chris were syked on Rodellar (I wasnt really but Im in no position to complain...) so we drove over there when I arrived. The next day we climbed but it was very cold and snowing so it didnt go very well. I tried The Hulk 8b+ and made it into the crux twice but didnt do it. Since the weather was so bad we left the next da and drove to Terradets. The next day I started working a nice 8c+ route called La Essencia de Resistencia, which is a right line up a big cave. It involves climbing a 8b start into a hard, powerful boulder, then finishing up another 8b to the anchors. I gave it maybe 4 tries and was able to link it to the crux, then one fall to the top, so I think I can get it done soon.

The next day we drove to Lleida to compete in the X-Tone bouldering event which is kind of like the Meloblocco event but much lamer. They picked a small, chossy area with maybe 20 problems and whoever climbed the most would make finals. Finald was the same format but in another area. warmed up and climbed a 7B+ 2nd try, three 7B flashes and a few easier ones, but then as I was working a 7C I got this wierd pain in my chest. I couldnt lean forward because my peck would start hurting a lot, so I talked to a doctor who told me I shouldnt climb anymore that day. So none of us made finals but it was cool to watch, Tony Lamiche ended up winning.

Not sure if we are climbing today, I really want to but Future and Chris dont. More updates to come soon. We are planning on staying in the Terradets until I finish up the 8c+ then off to Rodellar or something.