The obstacle is the path.

It seems like everything has been going wrong since I returned to Belgium. I had to leave Spain, got the flu AGAIN have been really sick, a f*d up shoulder injury in the gym, etc. but not to worry because thing can only get better from here.. hopefully.

Yesterday, I still felt sick but went to check out a new crag anyway.. its a Secret spot and has no name yet, but pretty much its a small cave with like 5 routes in it. A 7b, 7c, 7c+, 8b, and an 8c.

I tried to climb but felt like complete shit, I had no power. The doctor told me not to leave my bed for a week and of course two days later I'm out rock climbing, so I couldn't expect to feel much better. I fell on the 7b and did the 7c second go, then tried the 8c. I tried the moves and although they felt really hard right now, I know once I feel better it will be in the bag, for sure. The first route in Belgium that isn't crazy sandbagged!

There are also two more potentially hard lines that can be bolted, which is my next goal as long as I can get hold of a drill somewhere. One line will be around 8b+ and is a really rad looking steep dihedral, compression style climbing. The other one is a direct start into the 8c and will probably add a hard boulder into it, so maybe that can be 8c+, I don't know yet, we will have to see.

Photos to come soon. I'm going back tomorrow, so hopefully I'll feel better by then.