Short Nice trip

Tomorrow I'm leaving for Nice, France, for a short (9 day) trip with my family. I'll be climbing at the Deverse wall the entire time, my home away from home, so it should be a good time. My goal for the trip is to try to climb "Ultimate Sacrifice", a really rad 8c+ up the middle of the wall. The first part of this route is an 8c that I climbed last summer, and the extension adds about 10 hard, bouldery moves and another 10 moves of resistance for an extra 15 or so meters of climbing. Although the 8c part is cool, Ultimate Sacrifice is definately the full, proud line.

Its crazy that I've been climbing at this wall for the past three or so summers, but have never really gotten tired of it. For some reason, although all the routes are pretty similar, they are also very unique. There is still so much here for me to do. Its a wall that you definately grow to appreciate over time. At first glance it isnt very impressive looking, the lines arent the most beautiful ones in the world, but they are deceptive. They climb WAY better then they look. In my opinion it is one of the greatest walls in the world for hard sport climbing, chipped or not.