boulder proj in trou magritte

Earlier in a post I mentioned a boulder project that I chalked up in Trou Magritte.. I originally thought it would be 8A+ or something, but today I went out to try it with my friend Nicolas and all I can say is, its really really hard. It is basically one hard move off an OK left hand crimp and a complete shit right hand one to a left hand edge, then a 7C exit. Or, there is a potential sit start that would add two moves into the start. We worked the stand for about two hours and got nowhere near sticking the move. I havent tried many hard boulders yet, but it definately feels harder then any 8A+ or 8B ive tried, so from the stand it will probably be hard 8B or 8B+, and a potential 8C from the sit??

Ill post pictures soon. I need to get someone really strong on it to confirm my thoughts, but I think it could definately be up there in difficulty. I really dont think I can climb it, but Ill put a few more days of effort into it just for fun.