back in europe

I have returned from my US trip, back in europe and ready for the next adventure. I kind of miss Colorado, the bouldering and hanging out with my good friends. In my experience the best part of a trip is being zith your friends and having fun, which makes the climbing so much better. I wish I could have stayed longer but I know soon I´ll spend at least four years there, so now its time to make the best of Europe while I have the opportunity. I´m kind of on my own here, but thats life sometimes, motivate yourself and get things done. So my plans for the summer... I will spend the next two weeks training here in Belgium, then I will compete in the European Youth Cup in Germany. After that, off to France hopefully to finish up my rock epics. In August my friend Jon arrives to Belgium and we weill train for the World Cup in Bern, then off to Spain for our four month roadtrip.. can´t wait. Once again, dreams of Spanish life keep me going and motivated.

A Muerte!