Made the finals!

After the Serre Chevalier youth comp, I want able to find a ride/place to stay in Nice so I decided to stay in Serre Chevalier and compete in the adult invitational. This is just like a World Cup except they invite the top 26 people in the IFSC ranking to participate. There is a qualifiers, 8 people make it to finals, and then there is a super-finals with the top three. The finals is not an onsight but after-work format where the competitors get 30 minutes to work a route (usually 8c+) and then one try to redpoint it in the comp.

The qualifiers was 8b and I surprised myself by making is pretty high up the route. I ended up taking 8th place, just enough for finals! So tomorrow Ill get a shot on the after work route and see how it goes.

Andrea didn't climb so well and had trouble with a clip, so she ended up in 11th place.