Serre Chevalier

The day after doing Zobble I went climbing in "Cayenne", a rarely visited sector of Gorges du Loup. I had tried an 8b+ there last year that felt impossible to me, a really hard 8 move boulder to 10 hard moves of bouldery resistance. Since this is almost exactly like Zobble I decided to try it again and finished it up in a few tries. Definitely not an easy one so I was satisfied. Im pretty sure this was the third ascent ?

After that, I took a rest day and drove to Serre Chevalier to compete in the international youth open comp. It went well and I ended up winning. Andrea didnt do so well but still she ended up in second place. It was fun but my syke right now is more for the hard rock climbs..

So now, its back to Nice to try my projects on the Deverse wall.