World Cup Chamonix

Last weekend was the second IFSC world cup of the season in Chamonix. I did well in the qualifiers (around 15th or 16th place, not sure because the category was split into 2 qualifier routes and one was easier then the other), but as usual I messed up in the semis and ended up 28th. This is the fourth time that this has happened and its getting really annoying. Just once, I want to do well in a world cup semifinals. Why is this so hard for me?!?!

But on the other hand, my sister Andrea made a truely spectacular performance in the semis and missed finals by one place. She actually called a technical after her go, the judge granted it, and she went again and ended up in 8th place, which would have been just enough for finals. However, the Austrian coach made an appeal after and the jury decided the judge had made a bad call, so they only counted her first go which put her in 9th place. This, in my opinion, is ridiculous and if someone is allowed to go again then they should not be deprived of their better result. Either way the judges were very unclear and unorganized and I was not impressed with their way of handling the incident. No one seemed to know what to do and everyone made the wrong calls, which resulted in my sister losing her opportunity to compete in the world cup finals.

For those of you that dont know, an adult lead world cup is NOTHING like US nationals. Making the finals is extremely difficult and only the worlds strongest climbers have any chance of doing so. I really hope people realize how amazing of an accomplishment this was from my sister. She has been training extremely hard for the past year with Spanish coach David Macia and her effors are now starting to show. I dont think this 9th place happened by luck because nearly every strong girl was there, so Im pretty sure she will be able to make finals in one of the upcoming worldcups. I hope all her friends out there will send her a message of congratulations and encourage her to place even better next time.

Anyways, for me, I dont really care what place I get as long as once, just ONCE, Im able to do my best in the semis; Whatever place that puts me in, Ill be very syked.

So yesterday after finals we drove to Nice and now I am here for a few weeks. Im very syked and hopefully will be able to get my projects done from last time! More on that to come soon..