GDL Finale

I am now back in Belgium, a few day of training and then I'm off to Australia for the IFSC Youth World Championships. My last few days in Gorges du Loup were fun, I climbed a few classic easier lines and got close on two more hard routes that Im syked to return for. I climbed Honk 8b+ in a few tries, Zulu Man 8a+ first try, and also flashed Dies Irae 8a+ and did SIKA 2 8b.

I also put in a few more tries on Total Eclatch 8c, but the wet holds in the crux section prevented me from success. I also tried Asai 8c the last two days but in the end didn't have enough time or energy to finish it up. After Australia Im pretty sure Ill be back for a week or two to finish these up, so no worries for now. Just syked to have had such a nice trip and hopefully Australia will turn out just as well!

Also, my friend Magnus from Norway had a nice finale to his trip by climbing the notorious Kinematix 9a after quite a valiant battle. He had really bad luck with the conditions throughout the entire trip and the bottom part of the route was still wet when he sent. A proud send or sure, and definitely much harder with the shit conditions. Props Magnus!

Finally, a few days ago my friend Jon Cardwell arrived just as I was leaving to start his trip to the Riviera. Already he has climbed Last Soul Sacrifice 8c and New Power Sacrifice 8c, and Im sure in a few days he will complete the trio with Ultimate Sacrifice. Kinematix next? We'll see.. Venga tio!

Next update, Ozzieland. Stay Tuned