Off to Spain.. finally!!

After a huge epic with getting a car and meeting up with my friends from the US, the Spain trip is FINALLY on.. I leave next Tuesday and stay pretty much until I leave Europe in December! This trip is what I have been looking forward to the most for the past year, so hopefully it will turn out as well as expected. The initial crew will be me, Jon, Ryan, and Melissa. Then in the winter I will meet up with my friends Jakob Schubert, Magnus, Sasha, Felipe Camargo, and probably many others.

I cant wait!! My goals for the trip are to have fun, climb many hard routes, and most importantly to get out of my "onsight slump", AKA stop climbing like a retard hen I try to onsight. Hopefully this will help my competition results as well, we'll see!

But more specifically, climbing a 9a has always been my ultimate goal for Europe, and nows the chance to make it happen. My friend Jon has already beat me to the 9a race so now I have to catch up fast.. or else, I will remain an 8c+ punter.. anything but that.......
As for which 9a, I really have no clue at this point. Some that I want to try are Ali Hulk, Fuck the System, Novena Enmienda, El Tiempo de Cafe, Estado Critico, A Muerte, etc. I'll go where the wind takes me, and the wind never fails.

Other then that I will compete next weekend in the European Championships in Paris.. I know, another comp, but I am really hoping to get out of my slump and maybe this will be the one. Also, this isn't technically a "world cup" so maybe the curse doesn't apply here! We will see..