Rampage has Started

Conditions today were shit, cold and rainy. We woke up and it didnt seem like a good day to climb, but as the Spanish say, a muerte! Me and Jerome hitchhiked to the cave and warmed up, not expecting much but anyway just going for it. I tried a really nice 8c+ that I tried the two days before, the extension of Ingravid Serps. Spirits were high, and conditions werent enough to hold us back. I did the route first go, muy facil! Jerome then decided to go a muerte also, and also sent his project on his second try, Nueva Ola 8c+! What a day! Then we both climbed a short 8b in the middle of the cave, Jerome third go and me flash. Its amazing the amount of syke that me and Jerome can build up climbing together, the perfect climbing team. The ice has been broken, and the rampage has begun! Siempre motivado!!