Spain Update

Spain has been very bueno for the past two weeks! My friend Jerome flew in from Belgium a few days ago so our crew is now five, and the syke is very high. I climbed my first project of the trip a few days ago, Nueva Ola 8c+. A really nice route, much shorter then the others in the cave and more bouldery. Buenissimo!

As for the quest for 9a, I think I have found the one for me. A really amazing line on the left side of the cave called Fuck the System, which starts up a classic 8c and links into 20 really big powerful moves on pockets and pinches. After watching The Fanatic Search about a hundred times with Jon and Ryan, where Dani Andrada is filmed doing the 3rd? ascent, I went up the route expecting to get totally shut down. But suprisingly the moves are much more possible then I was expecting.. really my style! Im very syked to try to do it soon, and then maybe start working the ultimate proj, Enmienda.