After a few weeks of rain in Spain, the crew (me, Felipe, Jon, Jerome, and Ryan) drove to Slovenia to compete in the last WC of the season. The whole crew climbed bad, it was obvious that we hadnt really prepared for the comp.. only climbed on rock. However, I can easily say that it had the best after-party of the season! Props to Johana for winning, as usual, and to Klemen Becan for winning his first WC! The overall champions for 2008 ended up being Johanna and Jorg Verhoeven.. congrats!

After the comp me and Felipe stayed in Misja Pec to climb on some rock before the European Youth cup the next weekend. After a good day of climbing, I woke up the next day feeling really sick and wasn´t able to go climbing or get out of bed for the next two days.. I still competed in the Youth comp, I have no idea why, but still felt really sick and didnt climb very well.. thats life I guess, sometimes luck just isn´t on your side! So now we are still in Slovenia, waiting for the others to send their projects in Switzerland before we can head back to Spain. Hopefully Fuck the System has dried up now and I will be able to start the assault.. We´ll see!