Spain Update

So the past few days have been pretty bad here in Spain.. the rain has taken over and all the routes I want to try have been wet. There are like 4 dry rotues in Santa Linya, so we have decided to climb in Margalef until the Kranj World Cup and then return to SL after, hopefully when its dry. Lately I have been trying Fuck the System 9a and although the bottom is wet, I have figured out the top part really well and have made some good links. I am syked to try to send it after Kranj, hopefully..

Also, Yesterday we went training in Dani Andrada's gym in Lleida, just to get some volume in before the comps. Me, Felipe, Jerome, Jon, and Ryan had an amazing session, climbing from 10 PM until 1 in the morning! We bouldered then did circuits with 4 kilo weight belts, then a bit of power training to finish it off. Although I never really do this kind of training, Jon and Felipe are very experienced and it was really motivating to train with them. I am destroyed after that session and will probably need two rest days to recover, but I dont really care and Ill probably climb in Margalef tomorrow.. A MUERTE!!