After a few more days of bad weather and wet routes in Santa Linya, we decided it was time for a change.. we needed to go to a new place with new routes, but more importantly, better weather. I met up with my friends Magnus and Jakob, and together we drove to Alquezar, another huge cave in a further, sunnier part of Spain. Alquezar is full of high quality routes, but there is one that I have always wanted to try- a crazy 55 meter roof called El Tiempo de Cafe (9a). This route starts up a 7c+ and then continues with a hard boulder problem, a huge 8a+? endurance section, then finally links into the final crux of Tsunami (8c). Me and Magnus tried the route on our first day and decided that it was definitely worth the drive! The climbing in totally unique, unlike any other hard route I have ever tried. After a few tries Magnus satched it up and now I am also really close to doing it.. hopefully the weather will stay good and I will also finish it up before my trip ends. As for Fuck the System, I dont think I will have enough time to do it before leaving Spain.. the weather in Santa Linya is still bad and my motivation to climb there is not very high anymore. Oh well, there is always next time and next trip!