Spain Finale

Well, the time has come to wrap up the Spain trip and return home.. its been 2 months since Ive been here in Spain so its pretty hard to leave, my new home in a sense. The last few days of the trip ended in a pretty ugly fashion! Since my last post I spent another day in Alquezar and got really, really close to doing the 9a (El Tiempo del Cafe), linking it from before the crux until the end. Until there you have to climb a 7c with a huge rest before, so naturally I would have done the route within one or 2 more tries........ until the rain came! Again! As soon as I lowered it started pouring rain and still has not stopped, so the route is out of the game, no way to do it in its current condition. So once again, the weather ruined things and no send this trip.. oh well, things go on and at least now I have something to come back to! After that we also went climbing in Margalef and Santa Linya, but my motivation was really low and I was pretty dissapointed about the 9a so I didnt really feel like trying andthing hard. I did a bunch of nice 8a´s and 8a+´s instead, trying more just to have fun and not worrying about what I send or dont. So tomorrow I fly back to Belgium, pack my things, and then its off to Colorado to start school and training for next season.. The most importand thing I learned from this situation has been that a lot of times, things dont go the way you planned and there is nothing you can do about it.. its more important to have fun and enjoy the time you having instead of complaining about all the things going wrong. Even though I didnt reach my goal of doing a 9a this trip, I had a lot of fun with my good friends and did a lot of amazing routes, so Im not too dissapointed. A muerte until the next trip!