Boulder Livin'

About 10 days ago, I ended my year-and-a-half "adventure" in Europe and moved here to Boulder, Colorado to start college. Although it is totally different then Europe, I really like Boulder so far apart from just the climbing. The people are nice, the food is really good, and the weather has been perfect. I am really surprised at how warm it's been so far, much warmer then Spain.. which doesn't really make any sense, but I guess that's the way things go sometimes. Since I've been really busy with school and don't have a car, I haven't had the chance to go outdoor climbing yet. Instead I've just been climbing indoors, trying to get back in shape after my 10-day rest (after returning from Spain) and preparing for the SCS Route Nationals next week in Salt Lake City. I don't want to say "training" since I haven't been on a program or anything, just climbing for fun and getting used to the gym again.

Boulder is by far one of the best places I have ever seen for indoor climbing (other then Innsbruck maybe), so I'm really excited to start training again after route nationals. For the next two months I will focus on bouldering, specifically building lots of power and finger strength. My goal on rock is to climb an 8B boulder and flash 8A, and in the gym I want to climb the orange 8C at the Boulder Rock Club (just kidding Paul.. 7C+...)