Bienvenido 2009!

As my Spain trip came ended, I figured it was time to take a break from climbing and figure things out for the upcoming year. This year in Europe has been really amazing and I'm a tad bit unhappy to leave it for the good Ole' States again.. The places, friends I made, and experiences were all very enriching. In a few days I will be moving to Colorado to start college at CU Boulder, and after having spent so much time in Europe it will probably be a big change to live in the US. As for climbing, this year I am very motivated to train "a muerte" as the Spaniards would say, and become "fuerte como la puta madre" (really f'in strong). In Colorado I will have the opportunity to climb with lots of strong boulderers, stronger then me, so something is sure to happen. In May, when school ends, I'll return to Europe, more specifically Innsbruck, Austria for 2 months. While there I'll work on perfecting my German and of course building lots of endurance with my Shit Climber crew (Felipe, Jakob, Mario, Magnus, and many others). With this combination of strength and endurance I hope to be in 'sehr gut' shape when the World Cup circuit starts. The following are my climbing goals for 2009:

- To make finals in at least one lead World Cup
- Climb 9a on rock
- Onsight 8b and flash 8b+
- To beat Jakob at the Youth World Championships..
Just kidding.. my real goal is to make podium (hopefully top 2)

As for my plans for the near future, will be going to the Winter Tradeshow in SLC and maybe competing in the adult route nationals, not sure yet. If I do compete, I will surely be out of shape and don't expect any spectacular results. A podium would be nice, but not that important. I'm also not sure about competing in ABS nationals.. we'll see I guess. Honeslty I don't care much about comps in the US and would rather spent that time climbing outside or training for the comps in Europe.

Of course, living in Colorado means I'm sure to get syked on some outdoor boulder problems. My goal for bouldering this year is to do an 8B.. Some ideas - Dark Waters, Ciracadian Rhythm, The Automater, etc.

So tomorrow I will enjoy my last day here in Europe, then its off to my next adventure in the States! Forever onwards!

Me on "Fuck the System" 9a in Santa Linya