The Hug

Yesterday me, Seth, and my friend Mike Malakian headed to Boulder Canyon before our daily routine CATS training session. Boulder Canyon is a nice little area 10 minutes from Boulder with lots of good granite boulders scattered around. I warmed up on a fun compression V5 prow then headed uphill to try The Hug, a technical 8A mantle boulder. I gave it a flash burn but dabbed on the first move, so I decided to try it from the 2nd move to see how the rest was. I flashed it from here, which is kind of annoying because the first two moves are easy, but oh well, thats how things go sometimes! Flashing boulders has always been hard for me for some reason, the pressure of not messing up and executing perfectly on the first go. So I worked out the moves a bit more and ended up doing the boulder within a few more tries. Very nice, great success! I really liked the problem, very technical and interesting moves with a big heel hook perch move for a crux, my steez to the max. To me it felt more like 7C but others feel its 8A so I guess its just my style or something. Either way, progression! In two days I go to Bishop so Im really syked right now, trying to build up good skin and do some last minute training to get in shape. More to come from Bishop!