Bishop pt 1

Spring Break - Bishop. I arrived a few days ago and so far the weather and all has been amazing. A little too hot, but conditions are still really good for hard climbing. On my first day I tried the Mandala (V12) and got all the way to the last big move but split a tip on my left index finger so had to save it for next time. I rested 2 days and got back on it, and sent it 2nd go of the day! Climbing such a challenging, iconic boulder was a crazy feeling, especially because the Mandala has always looked so hard and intimidating. I have tried it before on my last trip here, but couldn't do the first move so gave up and thoght it would be impossible for me. After the Mandala I tried The Buttermilker, but the hot conditions make it really hard to get good friction on the slopers right now so I gave up and decided to find a more crimpy boulder instead to try. Today I warmed up and climbed Thunderbird (V11) in a few tries and then started working the sit start, Direction (V13). I figured out all the moves and got close so hopefully I can climb it before I have to leave in a couple days. As long as my skin doesnt get too bad again I think I can do it. I hope so!