For the past week we have been climbing in Rodellar, mainly in the Las Ventanas sector, really motivated on our projects. Felipe and I have made some really good links on Las Inconformistas, falling in the last crux from the ground and linking it from the jugs before the crux to the end. At this point we should be able to do it in the next few tries, but it has also gotten a lot hotter in the past 2 days which makes it really hard to try hard.. So hopefully the weather will cool down soon and we can step it up! I also tried the original variation of the route yesterday, Los Boracchos del Mascun, and after figuring out the moves I linked it from the jugs before the crux to the end first try! This line definately feels a lot easier then Los Inconformistas, and many people still feel it should be 9a.. for me it feels like a harder 8c+ or maybe 8c+/9a maximum, but definately not 9a as originally suggested. So in the next few days I will try to finish up this variation first, then really focus on the harder one until we have to leave.