RMNP Syke..

RMNP has been on fire lately with new hard ascents and motivated climbers, and the syke seems to be spreading throughout the boulders. A lot has been going on in the past two weeks, but most notably, my friends Scott Schorr and Carlo Traversi are both very close to climbing Jade, the notorious V15 crimp boulder in Upper Chaos. I went up to the park yesterday with some friends with no specific boulders in mind, the only intention being to try many different things and see what was the most motivating. When I reached the warm up boulders I met up with my friend Adre Di Felice, who was really syked to get on Nothing but Sunshine, an amazing V13/14 crimpy power bloc just up the trail. I figured I would check it out with him and see how the moves were, so I headed up there and watched him give a couple good attempts. After a while he made an impressive send of the problem, so I decided to strap on the climbing boots and give it a few tries as well. I surprised myself by making it to the last move of the problem within 30 minutes of attempts, something I totally wasnt expecting at first. My beta worked well but is very low percentage, so I fell a couple more times on the middle moves before starting to feel too tired to pull through. As the day progressed the weather got increasingly worse and soon enough a snow-storm was upon us, so I didn't really have enough time or energy to finish it up that day. The weather looks pretty bad for now but hopefully later this week the skies will clear up and I can finish up this amazing boulder, so there will be nuthin' but sunshine in all of RMNP!