The Training Continues ..

Well, not a lot has happened since my last blog update, except for Boulder has been covered in 21 inches of snow for the past few days and all rock climbing is currently out of the game. Before the snow came, however, I did have a good day in Eldorado Canyon and finished up a nice V11 that I got really close to in the spring called "Elegant Universe". I also did a variation to this climb that heads right called "Elegant Infinite" V10. However, the main focus lately has been, like before, getting in shape for Kranj. The World Cup is coming up in two weeks, but unfortunately last week I started feeling sick and couldn't climb for a couple days because of it. Now I am starting to feel better and will start training hard again, hopefully recovering completely in the upcoming days.

Just before I got sick I competed in the Psychadelia competition in The Spot, a crazy Halloween-themed bouldering comp that is completely lit up by blacklights, making one of the coolest effects I've ever seen. I was in first place going into finals but then didn't end up competing in it. Instead, I got some really nice footage and made a little video of the winners with my new HD Camera. YOu can check out the video here:

You can also find this video on UrbanClimbers website:

Currently I'm working on another movie featuring Paul, Me, and my friend James O'Connor. It will feature Me and Paul's training for the World Cup and also a special part on James in CATS climbing gym. I should have it finished after the World Cup (since I will probably include footage of the comp in it too)!