World Cup Syke

For the past two weeks, I have been completely focused on training for the World Cup in Slovenia that I will be attending in mid November. Apart from a few days on the rock, I've been climbing mostly at the Movement gym, training on the many hard routes and boulder problems it has to offer. Until now I have focused on trying to get as much power/bouldering strength as possible, but from now on the focus will shift to endurance. Hopefully two and a half weeks of pure endurance training will be enough to feel strong in the comp, and since my endurance is already pretty decent, I think it it will work out well!

To compliment the training, I've been using Redpoint Nutrition's CRANK Forearm Fuel, a dietary supplement that increases performance for harder training. This stuff has been really helpful and I definitely feel a noticeable improvement in my climbing since I've been taking it. I highly recommend this product to anyone that trains seriously in climbing!

My friend Paul Robinson has also decided to do the comp, and is very syked to train hard for it as well! Paul is in very good route shape right now, and mixed with his incredible bouldering power, it will be interesting to see how he does in a lead comp.

In the midst of all this training, I've also ventured out into the rocks a few times to measure my progress on the bould
ers. Last weekend I spent a day in Poudre Canyon, bouldering and exploring the canyon for cool new blocs. It was a pretty hot day out but I managed a quick ascent of the Sharma Lung Assis, V11/12? within a few goes, so it turned out pretty well in the end. I also checked out Circadian Rhythm and Whats Left of the Bottom of my Heart, both solid 8B's, but they would probably take more effort to climb then I am willing to invest in them for the moment.

So for now I don't really have any projects, and the main motive is to train hard and get in my best shape possible over the next few weeks!

Sharma Lunge Assis, V11/12