USA Trip Part 1 - New River Rendezvous

After returning from Nice, I stayed two days in Belgium then took off for West Virginia to participate in the New River Rendezvous. I flew to DC and stayed in Maryland for a day with my good friend Philip London. We went climbing in Northwest Branch and I tried a problem that James O'Conner had established earlier, Curtain Call (V10). I was really jetlagged and tired so I couldnt quite stick the crux from the ground, but it was a fun session and a great new problem. After this I headed to The New, in hopes of trying a nice project in the Narcissist Cave at Summersville. When we got there, everything was wet because it had been raining for the past week, and the forecast said it would rain during the weekend as well. QUE PUTA!! So pretty much I didnt get to try anything hard, but on Saturday I competed in the sport comp and won, winning $300, which kind of made the trip worth it (kind of). I climbed Suicide Blonde, Deeptroat, BC, The Pod, Mercy Seat, Apollo Reed, Tobacco Road, Surfer Rosa, Narcissist Direct, and Reckless Abandon, all first try. So all in all it was a good time, as well as a good opportunity to check in with my sponsors. The after party was really fun too.. But by the end I was very syked to leave and fly to Colorado, in hopes of better weather.