Colorado part 2

(Both Sides of the Spectrum, V12)

So continuing the colorado trip.. I decided that since I would be climbing routes all summer, I would make use of my time in Colorado to regain my bouldering strenghts a bit. A few days after doing Off the Books, we went to Morraine Park, an area in RMNP, to try the classic Both Sides of the Spectrum (V12). This climb was established by Harry Robertson and originally rated V13, but has since been downgraded to a solid 12. It is by far one of the most amazing boulders I have ever tried, a crazy mix between power, precision, and balance that you rarely find. I worked the boulder for about two hours with my friends Daniel and Toshi, and after figuring out the final slap move, both me and Daniel sent. I then went to check out another nice boulder, Veritas (v11). It was pretty wet but I sent it fourth go, falling at the very last move on the flash. SHTEP! (german for shit!).

Our next destination was Mt. Evans. We went here for a day and I tried the classic Clear Blue Skies (V12), another climb which used to be V13 but has been since downgraded. I spent about an hour trying this problem and after falling a few times on the finish move, I ripped a HUGE flapper in my index finger and wasn't able to try it any more.. SHTEP!! I got really close and am very syked to return next season to finish it up. The Dali wall (where the boulder is) is truely one of the best walls in the world for hard climbing (V7, V9, V10, V11, Three V12's, and V14) and one of my plans in the long run is to do every boulder on it.

That sums up the outdoor climbing part of the trip. The rest of the time was spent training at CATS, The Boulder Rock CLub, and The Spot, chillin in the Shadow Factory (top secret.. cant reveal info), crazy dance parties, and hanging out with a lot of my good friends. I am now back in Europe, training for a few weeks and then off to France for the start of my next roadtrip. A muerte!